Re :Mello:Blaze

Great story and thanks for showing proof. The proof is in the pudding, u can ask Bill Cosby....i look forward to Ny subway gropers stories as well.... in the meantime heres one of my old favs....

She looked good enough to be Mrs Miami, I think i heard one of her peeps call her Tammy. My mouth was watering so ima call her "candy". I was Danny Zucco in her ass so we gone call her "Sandy" .
Any of you catch that? Wide reciever? Anyway the train ride to the parade was packed and i knew it was gonna be a good day. I could make up for wasting my money from the day before at Ezoo. Them drugs messed up my chikan game. But today i didnt pay anything just 2.75 for the train to the parade. I was like a cat. I saw this hot broad on the train and followed her like a ninja in the shadows all up and down the parade route until she had a spot. She was with 2 freinds who were hot as well but not on her level. She was the only blonde in her group and not alot of snow bunny Pawgs was out there at a west indian parade so all eyes was on her so i had to be careful. I had on a fishermans hat with shades and cargo shorts with no boxers underneath. A hole in my right pocket to adjust my johnson when its time. Soon as they settled in they spot i creeped in behind her. Luckily her two freinds who had the famous cock blocking bookbags on was in front of her. She to my surprise was actually dancing to the parade music. Shaking them hips softly. The pic doesnt give her ass any justice. Shes a 5 ft 10 blonde with a plumper. Her face looked like billy joel wife from the video "uptown girl". Soon as i saw she was into the music i grabbed her by the waist and started "daggering" she saw all the other girls doing it so i guess she wanted to be 🆒. So she went with it. Oh so soft. Like a pillow. I was in dreamland. I stopped daggerin and slowed it down and adjusted my cock in the upright position and started a slow grind , hotdog in bun style. Right up her crack. Bulls eye! Bing! The girl of my dreams! I was going slowly so it could last awhile but i came pretty quick. I coulda kept dancing but i had been following them for a while and i wanted to get some food out there and something to drink and i figured i would come back. Of coarse when i came back not even 10 minutes later they was gone😡
I was glad i came but i regret not atleast trying to get her number. She was perfect. I have more pics if anyone is interested. And a video. I will post girl number 2 tommorow. She wasnt as good as number 1 but i was pleased. Smooth criminal, i aint nothing like you. This man in the mirror got me feeling like I am Micheal.

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