Many more to cum!

Freddy jnr it's good to have you back. I'm patiently waiting for your story. Anyways while we await Freddy jnr's story here's mine.
I once posted an intro and there I said my area is a groping heaven it is true. I'm a student and my place isn't far from a community market. See the good thing there is the stalls are tightly packed with narrow passages and during the weekends it's flooded with a variety of asses mostly students and women wanting to stock up.
This happened in my first yr in school. It was a Saturday evening around 4pm I happened to be in need of some items so I boarded a bus straight to the market. (I forgot to mention, buses oh! Memories of blissful climax are swimming in my head right now :) that will be a story for another day). Once I got to the market, I noticed the crowd was intense, it's always busy but today it was a lot busier I got that squeeze in my stomach, I knew I was going to have a good time :). So quickly I bought my stuffs and went into hunter mode. First I went to the part for cosmetics, damn the whole lines and stores were filled I found a target a lady in her late 20s. She wore a white top and a tight skirt it looked like a thin sheet of spandex. I followed closely as she went deeper into the crowd. We came to an abrupt halt as there was a little commotion ahead of us and bam! Contact. Her ass was soft and jiggly nothing strong there just two big soft pillows. Initially I thought she would react negatively because she walked slowly into the crowd avoiding contact as much as she could but I couldn't let this slide past. So I decided to work slowly and not get greedy I first used my backhand then I gently added pressure on her left ass cheek my hand sank. In my head I was like how can this lady have such a soft jelly like ass... I prayed to the chikan gods that she'd pick a stall that's filled. She moved a bit and then stopped right in front of a stall that had a decent crowd I followed her. (Let me briefly explain how the stalls look like. They are built in long rows facing each other with tight passages, most of them have a single door which serves as both entrance and exit. So when a stall is filled people stand on the already tight passage) I stood behind her and this time turned my hands which is hidden by my bag slowly building pressure. I moved a bit closer to her crack. Damm I could feel everything. She searched through rather calmly shifting weights from one leg causing my already sweating palms to glide from cheek to cheek. Her ass cheeks were so warm and a her crack was deep. It took a whole lot not draw my sword (lol) I noticed her posture changed as she looked side ways at first I thought she was going to make a fuss but then she just moved out on to the next stall. I prayed this time verbally that she'll go to a more busy stall and she did move to a more crowded area it wasn't calm there was a rather frenzy of ladies buying my target stopped and joined the other buyers scrambling. Without a fuss I pulled out my dick and placed it on her ass cheek moving from left to right saving her crack for last. She shuffled some people to get closer to some stuff on a shelf and it created a tiny space which I filled this time by guiding my dick from her right ass cheek to her asscrack. I let my dick throbe in her crack for a while and then I move as I didn't want the fun to end all too quickly. shuffling some people definitely meant being pushed back and that was what happened. I knew this would happen so I pointed my dick 9 o'clock placing the head ever gently on her crack and as she came back I saw my dick vanish before my eyes into her crack I almost exploded there and then. Her skirt was wedged so deep into her ass it was the most amazing sight I had seen. Just then I could swear she pinched her ass and let go immediately I knew I had hit jackpot. All the while she didn't look back not once. I started rocking gently still giving her space to shift her weight. Pulling out and watching my dick enter again oh my word! Pulled out and went back in I repeated this for more than 5mins but it felt like forever and then I got to the point of no return. Having had all things run smoothly till this point I prayed she wouldn't move now as that would be tragic I pushed inside one more time only this time slower and with more pressure. As my dick slid in I let out a huge cum. I felt numb and for a split second a lost my stance but I quickly recovered just after I hit the person beside me. She looked at me funny and I gave her my smile which disarmed every suspicion. I gently pulled out my dick and saw the deepest wedgie with a dark spot. I knew that spot was bigger. I moved a bit back allowing the crowd push me as I wanted to leave but I also wanted to take a pic of that ass. So I waited for her to come out. I saw her pick her wedgie and boom just as I thought a wet patch. I felt elated yet worried. I don't know how to take a picture with my phone because it's quite huge. Maybe the pros can tell me how they do it. I managed to take a few pictures tho. I went home with a smile from ear to ear and I remember a neighbor whom I was flirting with at the time asked me why I had that big smile my response was I had a blast and she said I presume it's one of many more to come. It definitely was!


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