Freddy Johnson Jr

This comment is for you Freddy Johnson Jr. how many Freddy Johnson’s are on this board? I remember seeing another Freddy Johnson saying something about how you and the original Freddy Johnson are in jail, so there’s another 3rd one? I wonder what happened to Freddy Johnson the 3rd.

This comment is for Mr. Teen Groper and Rock Hard, I see you and a lot of other Chikans legends only post a couple things and disappear again. If you are reading this, please post more stories, the board misses you guys! If any other legends/hall of gamers(famers) are lurking on this board, please post too!

I want to read some real sexy stories on Chikaning. I want to see y’all posting great quality new or current Chikan videos. Post dem videos, Black Shogun!

Where’s Big T and ButtMasher at?

All rounder, needs to post more about humping booty than arms! Love when he posts about humping a sexy West Indian girl!

I don’t think Allrounder May read my post but if he does, have you have humped an Indo-Carribean woman butt ? Please detail in full. No lousy 2 paragraphs!

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