Looking for a partner/s to team up. London

Hey guys! I wrote here couple of times, but none seem to see my appeal.
I'm looking for someone to partner up with.
Reason 1. As you may know already the clubs in London are with no-single entry, presumably to keep away people like us. So lets help one another!
Reason 2. We can meet up- the more the merrier and do some action. Japanese style. Covering our hands from other people eyes. I'm sure there will be meat for everyone. But when we work alone- very often we go home empty handed . Literally.
Reason 3. Very, very often a girl will not let herself touched , exactly for the reason that its seen by people around.They feel much more comfortable in the dark , in the crowd.

I groped with couple of randomly met guys (from the Russian forum) in Moscow's metro and it was awesome!
Of course I'm talking about after-covid. Unless some opportunity with protests and such shit arises.
So, anyone?

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