Women Who Practise Our Hobby

Late this afternoon I climaxed against the shoulder of a young woman who was sitting in a bus. While I was sitting in another bus on my way back home, a young nurse boarded the vehicle and stood by my side, even though there were seats available. She then proceeded to touch me with her legs, thighs, and wrist. This went on for a good while until she got off.
The last time something like this happened to me was in 2018 when a damsel wearing shorts repeatedly put her mound against my shoulder on the bus. That was very exciting.
I once used to talk to a woman who confessed to me that, when she was a schoolgirl, she used to, as she put it, press her pussy on men's shoulders on the bus, so as to get them excited.
It's good to know that, not only are there many women out there who like to be humped, but there are some who like to reverse the roles. The Japanese have a word for women who do this. They call them "chijo," the feminine of chikan.

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