The Afternoon of a Frotteur

This afternoon at about 4:30 on a bus going to the East of the island, I arrived at a sweet orgasm by rubbing my erection against the side of a seated milf. We were both wearing masks, something that is now mandatory on public transport because of the virus.

While I "introduced myself" to her, she talked about me with another woman who was sitting next to her. Her left arm was stretched out, so I couldn't properly rub against it, so, instead, I pressed my member into her side. Something about that tickled her, and she burst into a giggling fit. I took this as a good sign, and determined to reach orgasm before she recovered herself, so I pushed my erection into her side and ejaculated.

My accomplice was buxom and light-skinned. Her hair was short and dyed brown.

The lead-up to this encounter was as follows. I left home at about 3:30 p.m., then caught a bus to a transport hub about five minutes away from the capital. At 20 past four, I caught a bus bound for the East of the country, then made an attempt on a plump, brown-skinned, young woman wearing a pink top She eventually turned down my offer, then, after a while, I moved on to the woman who told me yes. I have already narrated that encounter; all I need to add, is that my partner had big, delectable breasts, that were partially visible through her pink, light-material blouse.

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