concert grope

hello ginger - go to more concerts. wear a skirt, no underwear. It'll happen.

The very first time I tried feeling some woman I didn't know, it was at a concert at a club with about 500 people stuffed in it. I chose two possible targets, and both of them wanted me to continue. I couldn't believe this was possible. But I learned quickly.

The first girl played a little bit shy, so when the other girl came by - she was wearing a very tight, very thin, silk dress, I moved to her. I slid the back of my thumbnail up the back of her thigh and onto her ass. It was a "hey, you want this" move by me. It was like electricity struck her, and she turned and backed to me, clearly saying, "yes, please".

So I for the next couple of songs I did a little on both of the girls. Silk girl moved and back her ass against my crotch and started grinding. I made a move to slide my hand under her skirt, but she stopped me. At the end of the show, though, I tried again, and my hand slid all the way up inside... to her pussy. No panties. Wet. Got a few strokes in... but the last song ended and the lights came on! So we are standing next to each other, my hand on her pussy, and people turn to leave the show. We were at the back... so now the people are passing us, lights on, my hand on her pussy. Only stayed for about 15 seconds before I decided enough.

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