London protests (WARNING: she may be 19 years old)

Hey guys, found this site maybe a bit over a year ago, have lurked viewing all your awesome stories. So I finally decided to contribute, and man was it good. I have some pretty decent stories of my own (one time a girl fully groped my dick in a club!) but those are of course for anther time.
I wanted to add to what Stizzy has said, the LDN protests have been good, there’s still this annoying distancing thing but there are moments and situations out there for those keen enough.

During one of the first protest marches I managed to get behind this fine Asian girl wearing a hijab.
What you may or may not notice is that quite a few Muslim girls wear wafer thin dresses especially in the summer (I don’t usually go for them) but this girl was wearing this under her hoodie, I have a poorly recorded video (my apologies on that I’m still rather new to recording) with said girl.

We were at the end point of the March and some people got up to a high point and started to chant/speak. I found this gem with what I think was her sister to her right and slightly behind her.
Naturally I got behind her after noticing her pert bubble butt she had hidden under her hoodie.
I began by testing the waters (I had my right hand covered by my jacket) and brushed my hand over her cheeks knuckles up, no response. I continued this until I had it there for a good 30 seconds just rubbing side to side with it, no acknowledgement at all.
“Okay!” I thought and decided I wanted to get my dick in between this girl since she’s given me the green light. I’m wearing grey sports shorts that left me feel everything, and a long shirt to cover my dick if I feel I can get away with pulling it out, I also have a big sports bag to cover up.
I slowly inch forward until my dick touches her right cheek, no response, this feeling gets me hard instantly. I have my hand in my pocket guiding my cock into her ass, I slowly start to sway with my camera in hand pretending I’m filming and glide my cock from her left check to her crack and back out to her right cheek, then I lean further and plant my cock along the length of her ass, she now looks back, she has a mask on so I can’t tell if she is annoyed or turned on, but my answer so arrives. She looks back at the front, reaches behind to adjust the back of her hoodie, as she does (I’m still in contact with her ass) she pulls down on her hoodie on her right cheek and glides over my helmet and pings it so it moves like a spring board, moves her hand back to her front and starts to wiggle her ass (A Muslim player! What a sexy little freak, right next to her sister/friend).
This goes on for a few more minutes, I then decide I gotta film at least some of this, I get my phone out and start to record, and the person speaking starts to get a rhythm going, and this girl starts pushing back and sway feelings the whole length of my cock. It feels really great. I decide I want to go further with this girl, she’s clearly loving my hard dick on her, I decide to squat low and aim for her pussy lips, her dress is soft enough that it allows me to push in deep. I CANT BELIEVE THIS! Man I got so excited she very subtly starts to bump back, I can feel the tip of my head bumping onto something which I imagine is the entrance to her pussy, this goes on for an amazing 2 minutes before her friend calls her name and pulls her infront of herself, and this girl is now in a position that is just to risky/suspicious for me to start it up again.
Really can’t wait for concerts man.

If you guys want I’ve uploaded some more protest fun on my xhamster account (Makumbs123) think as I type this they are being reviewed, I’m still relatively new so I apologies in advance for the frustrating angles, but man I really have learnt just how freaky girls 1) Once they feel your hard cock 2) If it’s safe and we can get away with it.
Thanks for reading, game on!

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