Recently, I finally got some protest action.

I humped several different asses all with no negative reaction. I’ll detail two, the biggest ass I got, and the best hump I had.

The first was an Asian woman with such a fucking huge ass I couldn’t believe how massive it was. It was one of the biggest I’d ever seen in real life. She had on these navy skin tight leggings that were so thin, man.

Dick in joggers, I put it on her. I was on her right cheek first and it felt so good, she had to feel my boner and I loved her soft her booty felt. She slightly swivelled and I landed in her crack, I kinda felt her press back a little and I could feel her wide cheeks on my thighs. After a few minutes she actually turned round and offered me and someone else gloves lmao. All while smiling and showing no acknowledgement of our closeness.

I had her for about thirty minutes. Repeatedly she would rotate her booty in my lap so my dick would wipe from cheek to crack and back again. Her bum was so big that when I put my hand in my pocket I couldn’t press my dick into her crack! It would push her body away because it stuck out that far. Man. After about twenty minutes, a rare looky loo (there were virtually none here all day) mentioned social distancing. My girl aggressively said to what looked like her sister, THERE IS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, ITS A PROTEST, WHY WOULD YOU BE HERE THEN. That’s when I knew she had no probably at all with this dick.

I had a few others, but my best was a white MILF in jeggings who was with a young son and two teenage girls. She was on a makeshift barricade. When I got near her, she moved slightly to give me room next to her. The moment I pressed my cock on her left cheek she inched slowly and slowly in front of me and pressed her entire booty into my lap so that my cock extended the length of her crack.. Oh my God. I immediately grew completely hard. Over a period of time indon’t know how long, we did it all. She slid her crack up and down my cock, she raised it up and left it there, then brought it down on my head and squeezed it, she’d lean forward and just let me massage my cock all around. Fuck. I’ve really missed this.

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