Black shogun

Black Shogun - it’s mad to think how long some people including you have been around o. This board. I remember when I first found this forum. The first story I read I think was a guy called Terence and he poked a lady in short Adidas shorts in the presence of her boyfriend.
After that I mostly read Black Shoguns stories, your wild concert ones, actually those detailed accounts are what got me into concerts to begin with I think you started posting around 2004 or earlier?

It’s crazy how things have changed. I definitely think the art of chikan is dying. I’ve even noticed when I went bars and clubbing in central London.. don’t get as rammed as they used to. Or girls don’t dance as much or sand with strangers like they used to. Also good old foam parties I have some mad memoirs of those used to hangout about with my dick fully out in foam parties, but they are a thing of the past.

I had a great time at those foam parties think there’s a story on here about one of you Run a search. But I remember fondly one account. It’s a go to memory when I need a fix lol. Think it was a Oceana night club up in like Nottingham uni days. I don’t have too much recollection of what the girl looked like or what she was wearing but i remember she had her legs out anyway the dance floor was mad busy and when the foam cannons came on everyone would get a close as possible. Anyway although I was with my boys we were wasted and I just sperate myself for a while. Anyway I didn’t really target this chick i remember I just found the nearest hottie and whipped my cock out and just rubbed it all over against her bare things and in and out of her crack. As her and her friends would jump about id hold her waist and pull her into me. Drunk sluts don’t give a shit plus that and the foam it just a free for all. Anyway I got her for most of the night just touching her up and rubbing my fully exposed erection all over her. I know I didn’t cum. But I remember this night like even though it’s probably been a good 8 years ago or so.

As chikans we all have those moment that don’t get old. Like you remember them and still get off on them even after years. For me that had to be one of my favourites.

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