My last experience before COVID

Hey it’s good to be back, I never really go away though I was keep a look out for some good stories here. It’s incredible how long this board has been going for but has never changed. Where all the old guys at Blackie, Red Dragon any of you still here? Blackie used to give me jokes, his stories used to inspire me to go harder. I’ve always been abit of an aggressive Chikan, which I know has always had mixed feelings here.

Anyway. My last experience. Was t actually that long ago but was before lockdown. I was in B&Ms (sort of bargain store that’s anything and everything home/ leisure/ travel/garden etc) anyway there was some polish or Eastern European looking chick working there must have been early 20s dark hair, blue eyes (it’s this certain look in the UK that you can just tell they are Eastern European and not English not sure why lol) anyway slim and wearing these tight hugging leggings - for work! I hadn’t actually intended to do anything but I saw an opportunity and it was too good to miss. She was stacking shelves with a cage which thus created a narrow walkway. I figured I could get through but if I take an interest in items around where she was packing that’s should give me a chance of contact. I put my hand down my trousers really quick and whipped my dick out my boxers but still in trousers and I stooos behind her as if trying to reach out to get an item of the shelf, her first reaction was to strip back considering I had caged her slightly (that the most logical natural reaction is Chikans have learnt to predict right!) anyway she did and she went straight into my semi hard cock. Honestly the contact felt great she appogised and looked me in the eye. I just smiled and said sorry back. The context wasn’t long enough that she might not have actually felt me due to the whole thing lasting seconds.
As you know being a Chikan once you get a taste though you need more it’s becomes an addiction there and then, craving that sensation again. I waked away thinking how I could pull it off again - my first mistake. I went back with the item I had taken to pretend it was wrong and that I’d need a different one. She was still there same place. A few other people were near here just shopping casually. I saw my moment when the walkway became a tiny bit too busy that people naturally would have to step sideways to pass. I went for it, approaching her with my hand I. My pocket getting my dick hard on command, I was raging. As I passed by her and stood there for a second i gave her a little thrust and I swear it felt like my dick went up her arse. Wow it was so pert and firm yer the leggings were so thin I could really feel her bum as my dick pushed against her my helmet was throbbing. But as I pushed more and my dick went exploring her arse the feeling of it pushing further on her and her arse rubbing against my shaft - wow it was pretty fucking incredible. The whole thing probably lasted seconds.. but time seemed to slow in that moment. Wow.

Anyway as I done this she instantly spun around to see who had just molested her. As she spun I explained to her that this is wrong product and I was looking for something different. I think this worked as she looked at me for a second. Then took the item out my hand and said your in the wrong isle LOL. I could tell by her tone she knew I was fraud she didn’t even show me to the correct isle but said it’s 2 isles on. She didn’t seem to happy, I could just feel it. As I took a couple steps away walking off I kind of half looked around pretending that someone on a shelf had caught my eye but looked back at her. She was looked right at me, she didn’t not happy. I had a bad feeling and that was enough for me to think, it’s time to get out. I made a swift exit and haven’t gone back.

Before this escapade my last time was dancing at a nightclub in my local town. But that’s another story. Oh and also, I’ve found a new love for leggings as you’ll all know my from previous stories I’m a sucker for a girl I a shirt tight skirt. It drives me crazy like litreally but legging this figure hugging yoga type ones, wow. They are also now my downfall. Women know it when they wear them too.

I’ll try and post my night out story soon.

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