No way bro! Is that the Rock Hard?!! Man you are a legend. I loved your stories in the archives section and how you always used the catchphrase rock hard somewhere in your stories. One of my favourite stories is when you jumped the heavy chick with her friend and I think it was you who humped/cummed against a sexy milf in leather pants who was dancing on you or something like that. You are a true hall of famer. I place you among my opinion of GOATs being you, Jay, Mr. Teen Groper and High School Humper. Nobody can compare to your writing styles.

Black Shogun got some good stories but not overly exciting ones.

Welcome back to the board! You are welcomed at anytime with open arms. What have you been up to lately? Got any good stories to share?

Everyone say it with me “Once a Chikan, always a Chikan”

I would like everyone to share some sexy stories. To the Guest who wrote tag teaming aunt story and Klaus who wrote the nail clipper story, please don’t be shy, write some more! ;)

I want to hear more about the aunt.

I want to hear more about how you were able to clip away to the girl underwear. Give full details.

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