When life gives you lemons....

It's the time of year when festivals and concerts get my money for the sole purpose of allowing me to chikan. But since a pandemic change the course of my stay here in earth (for the time being), I've decided to make the best of my situation.
I started out a pure groper. With the exception of a time I remember humping a classmate in first grade, I've primarily stuck to groping (palming, pinching, or simply backhanding what I would consider smooth, shapely bare thighs. Over the later years I graduated to the rest that we indulge in.
But since right now I can't partake of rubbing my groin area/genitals on tasty targets if resorted back to groping. You see, this time of year brings out the best looks in these white/black/brown girls. As things have eased up somewhat regarding sheltering-in-place, and the temps are reaching summertime-like highs, the girls can't take the clothing, and are scaling down to my tyii point e of look: bare skin, and plenty of it!
I've now taken to cruising shopping areas looking for girls (usually alone) wearing short-shorts that allow me to feel them up. Over the last 2 weeks I've not been able to contain myself! And what I've found so far is more than enough willing participants of my past time. It's amazed me what I've gotten away with.
I groped a Russian girl with shorts so skimpy her ass was hanging out. In an empty aisle of a Walmart. And she was with a friend that didn't even pick up on what I was up to.
Just yesterday I stumbled on a rarity- a late 20ish sister with shorts and smooth legs and thighs as those of a giraffes! As soon as I saw her I had to have a grab or two. I followed her and her kids around the store for about 5 minutes before attacking. I caught her as a young white clerk was helping her find a product. As I passed her I made sure to make good contact- you could hear the friction my hand made against her smooth skin- and I knew she realized I had groped her. I circled around again. But this time she watched me approach out of her peripheral. I at first hesitated, but as I neared her she stepped into my path and I assumed it was an invite! I rubbed her left thigh again. Ouwiee! It felt as good as it looked. After that I immediately turned as if I'd forgotten something. That's when I see what turned out to be her mother! I had to regroup now. I started to count my successes and leave. I turned and headed towards the checkout, but lust got the best of me. After they disappeared for about two minutes I found her again. She saw me coming but dodged my advance. I'm thinking this was only because of mom but I wasn't sure so I went to retrieve one mor item bei got in line. Three minutes later I go to checkout and my target is in line ahead of me. She leaves her mom and disappeared again. I couldn't believe she'd gotten away so quickly, but on my way to play the lottery at a machine towards the other side off the store, she comes in from outside! I had to try one more time to touch her skin. This time her mom was on the way out while she was paying for something at the self checkout. I timed it so she'd come back with inches of me on her way out, and bingo! I believe she wanted me to feel her up one last time. I almost said excuse me, but as I turned back she didn't even acknowledge our contact. I absolutely appreciated that.

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