NYC Subway Groper

If and when you feel comfortable doing it, please post your story. Maybe it's not now. Maybe it will be "then". Or maybe never. But, I think there will be plenty here who will want to read it.

You might recall the man who posted here saying that he was a doctor who engaged in chikan during the deadly protests against the corrupt government in Sudan. There have been other "protest chikan" stories, but I can't recall another one at the moment. I think maybe Carlos the Latin Groper had a few?

A public health crisis . . . an economic crisis . . . an unemployment crisis . . . a race relations crisis . . . a new cold war crisis with China on the horizon. And through it all, we ALL know the dirty truth . . . that chikan it STILL goes on! The hump still goes on. And maybe even more.

So, in the context of the chaos of current events, relate to us what a chikan does . . . and in fact did.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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