Ladies & Gentlemen

To view the transgressions of "another member", look not to the abuse section, but look RIGHT HERE on the main page where he is permitted by "the authorities" to do what he does. To manifest in his underhanded, offensive, and disruptive campaign RIGHT HERE. Do you think that maybe such a person who benefits from a system that allows him to engage in bad behavior might DESPERATELY seek to defend and legitimize the same??? To treat the symptoms, what is needed is to eliminate the problem. You can't get rid of the symptoms if you don't treat the underlying problem.

For you see, when the system is unjust and rotten and allows no viable avenue to justice, there shall be no peace, for the people shall have no other option but to either submit to tyranny . . . or exact their OWN kind of justice. The police will tell you that first "A" happened and then "Z" happened . . . but wait a minute, wait a minute . . . what happened in between pray tell??? Again . . . people have the right to defend themselves . . . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!

Now according to the timestamp on this very site . . . 30 May 2020 00:24:36 GMT . . . I issued a very simple but direct and powerful challenge to one Mr. Allrounder . . . TRY ME. Because you see, he seems to believe that I would be so foolish as to advocate for a measure that would be the downfall of me. ZERO TOLERANCE of abuse on this site. But could it be that if we had such a rule that was properly and FAIRLY administered . . . that it could lead to . . . the downfall of . . . . . . . . him?

Well, what has he done since then? What has he done since I issued my challenge? In not one, not two, not three . . . but FOUR posts thus far (the first one coming in less than an hour from when I issued the challenge) what has he done? Argumentative. Attacking. Accusatory. Derogatory. Disparaging. Delusional even over his stellar "record that can't be beat". And on and on and on just as, at the very same time, he engages in assaulting me. Incredible. But true. I responded, but have not engaged in any of what he has shown. No, don't look to the abuse section at the symptoms. LOOK HERE to the problem.

I say to you now that a seminal moment has transpired in this place . . . and he doesn't even really realize it . . . he has no understanding that there's been a paradigm shift. Because he's too filled with hate and spite and vengeance to know it. It's still VERY early yet, but I have this man EXACTLY where I want him. He's walked right into it, and I'm NOT going to let him out. Not hardly. At some point I will . . . but not yet . . . for now he is a prisoner of his own making . . . .

Now, it's not likely that Ayashi will actually implement what I have recommended for years. And notice that you don't see "another member" calling for it either because he KNOWS it wouldn't benefit him. After all, he might have to fight fair, mano a mano, and stand 100% on his own two feet for once. But still . . . in the next coming days and weeks . . . let us do a little experiment shall we? If we did have such a rule, let us see for whom it would be detrimental . . . .


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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