Try, Try Again

STRIKE NUMBER THREE (derogatory comments toward other members, argumentative/attacking other members) . . . YOU'RE OUT (and you're failing rather miserably . . . just like I knew you would . . . you simply can't help yourself) . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! It's Ayashi's site (which I have contributed to greatly over the years btw), but it's MY personage Mr. Allrounder. ALL people here deserve to be treated with respect. Yes, I actually do believe that. But you see, that ALL includes ME. All 18 years of me invested into here. And if the esteemed "moderator" doesn't see to that when he has the power in himself to do so, even allowing "another member" to refer to someone as a RAPIST, then he himself has failed. People have the right to defend themselves. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!

I don't believe that I have ever attacked Narflarf. He's one of the best contributors we have ever known. That's something I have the greatest respect for. Have I criticized some of his actions or taken an opposing view? Yes, I have. And so have you (that wasn't Me Too that got you busted Narflarf . . . that was you yourself and your own misguided behavior . . . remember that Mr. Allrounder?). I have never had any beefs with Narflarf personally. But you see, and focusing on the recent as you do, I would suggest for example that all of the talk around whether or not a niche chikan site can actually work, and who would be willing to pay for one, is exactly the kind of debating that you claim that you want . . . "a proper discussion" if you will . . . but that you actually have not shown that know how to have sir. One has not attacked and one has not denigrated simply because one does not agree, and presents a case for a position that leads them to a different conclusion. If you put forth a well-reasoned argument and you didn't attack anybody personally, and the person still gets angry, then I'm sorry, but that has to be on them.

And with respect to Red Dragon, I'm not going to fully re-open the matter, but I will say this much. First, what did he do? He started "cyber screaming and shouting" at me . . . "I didn't say we were the same"! Uh, OK. But then he continued on, being quite insulting and dismissive with regard to my deep knowledge and vast experience (not the first time either), and which I found to be offensive, especially when all I said was that we were similar, but not the same in how we do or think about chikan. And that justified his angry response? Now, I've tried to be respectful to Red Dragon as a long-term member of this site, and have gone for long stretches at a time (years) saying nothing when I thought he crossed the line. Look the other way. Let it slide. Show him the respect as a senior member. But not that time. And not again. People have the right to defend themselves, and that includes me. I find it funny how people think that criticism can be a good thing . . . "constructive criticism" they will call it . . . as long as it's leveled against somebody else. But when it comes their way, then all of a sudden it doesn't feel so good does it? If Red Dragon thinks that what he did was "constructive", then I suggest that he study the very definition of what the words "constructive" and "criticism" mean when put together, and how such a message can be effectively delivered.

I would also suggest that it's better if you let other people speak for themselves. And you ought to be calling for zero tolerance just like I am. DEMANDING it even. Why don't you Arm Humper sir? Why not? You're SO sure of yourself. You're SO supremely confident and certain. You THINK you know me and what I'm going to do. And I can actually understand why. I can. Really I can. But oooooohhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaan are you wrong. Yeeeeeees, yes . . . let us see for whom a zero tolerance of abuse rule would be detrimental . . . let us see . . . .

"Some people obviously would not last long here if abuse was outlawed completely."

I say again, HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you think/say/write these things.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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