Try Again

STRIKE NUMBER TWO (argumentative/attacking other members) . . . YOU'RE OUT ("next" is the post you just made) . . . if ONLY we had a ZERO TOLERANCE abuse rule! I'm not IMPOTENT either . . . but Ayashi allowed you to call me that, and left the post here. So again, that made him complicit to YOUR abuse. Every time somebody abused me and he failed to act when he could have, starting from the very time that I arrived, that made him an accessory to the act. RAPIST. IMPOTENT. Allowed to stand. Seems pretty biased to me.

No Arm Humper. No, no, no Mr. Allrounder! Until you, nobody here had said "murderer". Nobody used that word. I said "abuse". You see, murder is murder, rape is rape, and abuse is abuse. But as usual, you thought of the worst possible thing that you possibly could have, then attributed that to me. I never called the "moderator" a murderer. You did. YOU did that. Because . . . murder is murder, rape is rape . . . and abuse is abuse. And whatever you call it, if you stand by and let it happen when you have the ability to stop it, then you may as well have participated in it yourself. So Mr. Allrounder. If you're going to attribute some words to me, please attribute those that I said. Attribute that which I used. And attribute that which YOU said to yourself. And choose your words carefully . . . .

"And some people would clearly have a hard time being here if there was zero tolerance of abuse which they say they want. Past and PRESENT behavior really is the best predictor of future conduct."

Again, HAVE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR when you think/say/write these things.


Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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