For: BigT, Smurflette, and The BodyBuilder Chikan

Following up on 24K Magic’s review, there is more than “crowdsurfing shit” loool

In terms of content:
1. Crowdsurfing is my particular taste so, yes you will see that. I guess I enjoy it the most because it’s real.
2. I don’t have any encoxada as I find it mostly to be seizure inducing camera work and an over-abundance of penis. No offence intended lads, just never got onboard with that approach.
3. I don’t post Chikan content as it is largely censored garbage, mass produced and lacking in....authenticity? I get some of the appeal and I do have uncensored videos though.
4. Spring break content, Mardi Gras, Clubs, home video and events where girls get naked/fondled? Yup.

I’ve been up and running for about a week now, with 60 videos and about 300 pics
In terms of how much content I have? Hmm... I think the best way to put it is...I’ve been collecting for 20yrs. So you WILL see some familiar stuff, but you will certainly see some things you haven’t seen before.

I’m dropping the price on access as of June 1st to $9.99 just because of The BodyBuilder Chikan’s last post 😁 I feel your frustration, friend! That’s why I up and made a website. Try it for a month and see if it helps pass the time.

Aaaaaand lastly, because Smurflette asked nicely.... and it’s already on Pornhub:

I get blocked a lot though (see attached)

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