Re: BigT - Circular Argument?

No it's not . . . a niche site without consistently good content is still a site that people aren't going to pay for . . . people aren't going to pay for a niche site just because it's a niche site if it doesn't consistently deliver the goods. Nobody has been able to deliver an English language site like you describe (quality, well-recorded, frequently uploaded content), and that you seem to presume somebody can actually establish (these are facts, not a circular argument) . . . if somebody thinks they can do it, then have a go at it and prove it. I would also posit that a site has a much better chance of making it if the work of more than one chikan is featured. You need multiple chikan works from various chikans (videos PLUS pics and well-written stories). It's like the music industry. After awhile, people will grow a little tired of the same style . . . that same "beat" . . . and will want to hear (see) something a little different and new from other "artists" to keep the scene fresh and from getting stale. A cost of $10 a month, or $120 a year, is not a lot to you and me. But for somebody else, it would be. Especially if the site isn't delivering EXACTLY what you want the way you like it. Otherwise, people are just going to go for what's free and spend their money on something else.

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