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"Guest" wrote the following:

"Attention to all those content makers who bitch and complain about their content being "stolen" and re-uploaded without credit. It's your own fault. People do this because they want to create profiles with "original content" because that's what you degenerates require to view your videos nowadays. News flash. Nobody owes you anything. Your payment for this is the experience and the memory. Let's say hypothetically everyone who makes this type of stuff sets it to 100% private. Nobody can view any of these videos anymore without begging and pleading to become friends with others. Either then the community slowly dies out and less and less of this content becomes available online, or people are forced en masse to go out in public to create their own content. I truly don't think any rational person would want either of these options. Now say we take the other extreme hypothetical and all of this content is made 100% able to be seen by the publice. Now what's the need for stealing content? Where's the need to spam profiles with friend requests and messages? You see where I'm going with this. This is a problem entirely brought on by yourselves and to be honest you deserve it everytime someone reuploads your content or saves it to their own personal drives. Side note but if you pay for porn in 2020 you're just special."

I think "Guest" makes some very valid points here. I mean first of all, I'm not going to pay to see chikan (or porn) so somebody can recoup their cost of concert tickets, cameras, and whatever other expenses they might have from pursuing "the practice". That's not my concern. If I'm going to pay to see, it's going to be because somebody is putting out some content I want to see, and I want to see it badly enough that I will pay for it. And "Guest" really brings it home about paying for porn in 2020. Why, when so, SO much is for free online???

There is very, VERY little incentive for people to be paying for anything online these days, and I would argue its been that way for at least the last 15 years or so. I believe too many people overvalue what they hold, thinking that people are going to pay them for it, but they won't. Not nearly enough to make a lot of money, as somebody else here suggested. There's just too much for free on the net, including chikan-related stuff. If you want people to pay you, then you better be offering something unique. And you better be offering it long and often!

Now all that said, it is also true that chikan is a small, niche market. If there was somebody out there who succeeded in regularly bringing fresh, hardcore chikan content to the internet, I personally would consider paying. Now that's just me. I'm not at all convinced that many others would follow. Now Foro Chikan, that was a site that I would have paid for! Lots of content in the form of videos, pictures, and detailed stories from many, many hardcore chikans, mostly from throughout Latin America. The odds of making any money from this are a long shot. But if you do make it, then you'll know you're peddling something good . . . well at least to the "chikan community" anyway LOL!

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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