Re: BigT - @Narflarf

Well, let him try and let's see then. There have been some others to try with paid content English language sites, and they have all failed. And it wasn't that there wasn't any good content at all (except for Western Chikan which totally sucked).

There typically just wasn't enough fresh stuff. It would cost more to run and maintain the site than money coming in. Does Narflarf have a winning formula? Let's see. I know I would not provide seed money as an investor for any such "start-up" LOL!

The best site ever was a FREE Spanish language site called Foro Chikan. Lots of REAL stuff by REAL chikans. Was around for several years in a couple of different formats. But then a few years ago, some asshole posted kiddie porn on the site, and it got shut down. Son of a bitch probably did it on purpose.

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