memories are made of this... (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

Don't we hate these bat eating chinese for ruining our fun guys?
There is an event which i was looking forward to coming next month but cancelled due to corona virus.
Last year I had this Milf with her son of about 7 years old beside her. She was waiting for her husband/bf to finish his race. She had this loose fitting summer dress which you can tell she had a g-string panties. I had seen her earlier but ignored her because she was not so cute in the face. I for one like my targets to be sexy face and body lol.
The event was about to be finished and more people were leaving the barricade than people moving in. That set me in on a panic mode since the whole event I had not climax though I have had 3 targets who moved away when i was already about to come. You guys you must know what i mean.
So when i saw this milf pushing herself to be in front of the barricade likely her man was on the way, immediately i followed her and stood behind her of course pretending to be looking out for someone. Tasted the waters with my hand touching her lightly first her left ass ....wait then her sharp reaction or looking back...that is positive 1...lightly touched her deeply between her reaction.Positive 2... Right there i knew she was mine.
Now i introduce my almost hard dick first her left ass and right ass...let her feel it ..for once she look sideways left and right..never at me!. There I confirmed she was a player..From there my dick became hard as a rock. First her left ass pushed it a little bit hard...went to the right same thing. Now she was acting as if looking out for her man among the large crowd of participants...jumping up and down or moving left and right..Since i was scared i dont have enough time and the crowd was getting wild i just put my dick between and pushed it into her ass! What happened next i have never witnessed in my chikan She lifted her ass up and starting breathing heavy and deep..just the way when yu are really fucking and the woman is totally aroused...She did 5 deep breaths and i lost control!..I came with a thunder ! Moved a little bit back because i didnt want to wet her light summer dress. Imagine running into her man and kissing him and the guy hands come across a wet patch in her ass!! Definitely the man will be mad at her when he realize it was someone else sperm. Me too i will.
But she wasnt ready for that abrupt stop.....she moved back to my dick and pushed hard on me...felt bad about it later i should have hold it longer but with my past experience you may try to hold it longer and all of a certain your target moves because her man or family member arrives and have to leave immediately. Leaving you high and dry..I am sure most of guys have come across this situation.
Finally as she left the crowd she gave me that weak smile which melt my heart. I wanted to follow her for more but decided to respect her son and more importantly her man. I am sure she wank herself crazy thinking about my long and hard dick going deep her ass as her man sleeps lol...

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