all the way normal

all valid points made. things re looking like they are approaching some type of normal. people in parks, at the mall, stuff like that. that is good. time will tell when it comes to concerts, parades, festivals. i can't see any of that happening without a vaccination, doesn't matter what city but especially the large cities.i just think that all of this is bigger than the virus. it is all about a shift in the norm altogether. if states cannot even agree on procedures, where and how do we think countries can agree? this is an example of destroy and rebuild. there might be the odd packed bar from time to time but when it comes to concerts, the virtual option has already been introduced for a reason. not saying that regular packed events cannot and will not happen, but i would be very very surprised if normal packed events, like the ones we are used to, happen at any time in 2021, without proof of vaccination. the world cannot be uprooted then simply return to the normal we were used to just like that. the world was not uprooted for swine flu, which killed a lot more people. it was uprooted for this virus for whatever reason but as a result, i think nothing will return to anywhere close to the real normal that we were used to without confirmed vaccinations. packed bar in one city, closed beaches in another. packed park in one city, empty malls in another. come on guys. this virus is getting more media attention for a reason and i think it is mostly to do with vaccination. h1n1, sars, bird flu and all the rest did not crush economies. this one did and there must be a reason. big events may return but proof of vaccination will be the reassurance for everyone involved for that to happen i think.

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