black shogun

i see what you are saying and i do not want to appear confrontational when making my points, so i hope that i am not coming off that way, as we are all in this thing together. using the spanish flu as the only example before this virus, the world got past that and went on for many generations, so that in itself is evidence that all of this lock down stuff will not be here to stay forever. still, i do think that second lock downs can be placed on parts of the country that are not following the rules though, especially if there is a prolonged trend of those parts going as crazy as what was shown in your article. looks like that gathering took place after the lock down rule had eased, as it was just this past saturday. if enough clashes like that took place, that stuff could be addressed with stricter rules for crowds, which would introduce firmer social distancing. a bunch of knuckleheads going crazy at a time like this makes it even worse for us than anything else. the article that i had posted showed the future of what we may be facing in what we do. those idiots going nuts at a block party ended in multiple arrests, which helps to promote social distancing even more than before.

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