Re: The Man - Stay Grounded

I don't think you're really "hearing" what I'm saying. I said that "as soon as things are possible" . . . meaning that when people have the opportunity (whenever that is) . . . they are going to go right back to what they were doing. Now, the authorities can come up with all kinds of rules and regulations to stop the crowding, but it won't last forever, and won't always be effective.

One day people are going to have the opportunity to act freely again. And when they do . . . . Now look at what happened in Florida . . . and this was when rules were in place to supposedly prevent this. Three thousand! When people are free to act as they wish again, they are going to. And they will frequently act even when they aren't supposed to. There is no looking through rose colored glasses here. I've lived long enough to understand human behavior, and am quite confident of how people are going to act when given the chance to do what they want to do:

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