Memories...For now

Since this is the time of year I usually get out and get busier after the dormant winter months I find myself now just reminiscing to past the time during this pandemic. Does it take the place of real chikan activity? Hell no! But it's all I got for the time being.
It's usually these days, from mid April thru October, when I could either find a festival to look forward to or visit my favorite stores or farmers markets to scope out, stalk, and grope skimpy-clad women rather to show off their wares! What I have always believed is that women, after being heavily clothed most of the cold months, actually live it when they can compete for men's/or women's' attention once the clothes come of when warmer. I believe that a great number of them know that they will potentially be touched or outright groped in certain situations. At the farmers market I frequent, for instance, the temperatures are usually so cold that many wear at least jackets. But I can always count on a few women being in there with barely anything resembling proper attire for such temps. On those occasions I've be lucky about 80% of the time. I recall an older target I "got" repeatedly last year. She was obviously a workout disciple, in her lmid to late 40's, that had on shorts that made my stomach hurt from lust. I literally couldn't get to her fast enough. I passed her and groped her once- no reaction. Made a circle back around - made contact again - no reaction. Now my tool is getting hard because I know shes game. How do I know? In these situations where there's no reason I should be close enough to grab or make any contact at all, there's no way to NOT know! So I'm poised to make a 3rd past and she's now bent over her cart, placing her ass/thighs in perfect position for my next grope. But then some a-hole that knows her hollers out "hey girl what's goin' on". and kills my day! Groping is a big part of my summer months and always has been. The grinding and jumping at festivals have slowed down to just a few big festival outings a year, where I do both activities as much as I can to try to make up for the slow months. What all this says is that I'm deficient as of now. Deeply deficient. But I can look back, reminisce, and then look forward to whenever it can resume. Just hope this isn't forever.

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