Black Shogun- Herd Immunity

i hear that and you definitely make valid points, as i agree the world cannot remain closed forever. this strain of coronavirus is unprecedented, so that is what appears to be creating the most obstacles. i think that the herd immunity approach may have led to an increased death rate, along with a greater impact on the health system, which would have been devastating if that approach was taken, while moving towards the discovery of a vaccine. brazil is another example that is not imposing any particular measures yet not long ago, they suffered over 10,000 infections in a 24 hour period. still, i agree that lives are lost in either option, i just think that one has a greater chance to lose more than the other based on lesser restrictions. bringing it closer to home though, the social distancing will remain problematic, which is just as undeniable. there are people who are afraid to return to their jobs right now, let alone attend a concert, festival or anywhere packed to, in their minds, run an even greater risk. a vaccination has more certainty and more reassurance for people like that, may of whom may contain the very women we want to ride on. i pay no attention to the od crowded protest here and there, i am referring to the crowds that we are most accustomed to forming again, without the fear of a second lockdown occurring.

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