Re: The Man - Herd Immunity

It's true that, in the absence of a vaccine, you would have to accept a much larger loss of life. But what's the alternative? To allow the world to fall deeper and deeper into an economic depression? There is no easy way out, and in the absence of a vaccine (and no guarantee that we will ever get one), some hard choices are going to have to be made.

The world can't remain closed forever. Far more people are suffering from the consequences of the economic shutdown than getting sick and dying from the virus, and that's a no contest. We can do things to open up as carefully as possible, but all the risk can't be eliminated.

People are going to keep getting infected no matter what (herd immunity), and people are going to keep dying along the way. Already most of America is planning for a "soft" opening. It HAS to happen. Time to get on with it.

Black Shogun!!!
Semi-Retired Chikan

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