the herd immunity

the herd immunity option is a possibility but not only is it a gamble, it also does not apply to every country. sweden managed to get some results but the way to those results were grisly, as a lot of lives were lost in the process. i was speaking to some friends in the uk, in london that is, who told me that they were using that method in the beginning stages but had to fall back as th method was putting lot of pressure on their healthcare system. nay be too far in to the process for the us to consider that option now, as a lot of funds have been spent to avoid doing so. if trump tried to introduce that as an option now, he would receive a hue backlash. even if governors tried to introduce that in their individual states, it would become a problem for any neighboring states, based on contagion. and that is just addressing the virus. even if a method enables that to be handled, social distancing is something that will not be relieved that quickly, which s what messes things up for us overall.

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