Public vids

Been slowly making some videos public to give chikans something to hold themselves over with this quarantine.

One of my recent favorites. Crowd wasn't as packed as I liked until pretty late into the show, and the group of Indian girls I was eyeing eluded me once the crowd got big.

I moved to the front and found a player (girl in the black jeans) that let me bust all over her. Her friends kept making a space for her at the front railing to get a closer look at the DJ but she would conveniently slip out between them after a couple seconds and "coincidentally" back her ass up into me and start dancing again.

I knew it was intentional after she did it at least 3 times, and her friends kept pulling her forward against her will. At one point she even did a twirl while dancing and made brief eye contact with me, so she knew I was right up behind her and didn't make any effort to move, despite having space in front of her.

It's always so fascinating to read a girl's body language and find out which ones are players or just too oblivious/drunk to care. I miss that feel, the feeling of being at a concert and scoping out girls like a lion stalking through a field of gazelles. There's a primal rush of lust it brings that regular sex just doesn't activate.

The younger crowd is much more carefree about this virus, so I imagine as soon as concerts open up they may be filled up. Some places are already opening up to get swarmed already, the Instinct to get out and socialize is pretty strong in most people.

If things go as planned my next big gig is in July, and the 2 big festivals are in September since one got postponed. I'm already thinking of potential Halloween events depending how things shape up in the following months.

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