Response to guest

If you think that Life will go back to normal or packed concerts then you are very hopeful. By the time those events are back it will be way into the winter (possible 2nd wave) or summer next year. There may be other opportunities the odd packed train when things start getting back, but full on context body to body- I doubt it will be that packed for a very very long time.

As a player in what we do we need to take a step back and look at the wide world around us and realise the impact this virus is having. The dangers it’s poses not just to us but more to those around us. If you sitting around waiting for the next chikan opportunity or missing it so badly then your life goals and priorities are pretty fucked.

In the meantime get yourself on dating websites like tinder and places. The amount of thirsty ladies on their there gagging for sex is unreal. Getting out to get some will be a problem but I managed to talk one into letting me come over. I told her to dress up in a sexy skirt and shoes like she was a office woman (we spoke about role play) anyway before smashing her I made her grind all over my dick. It wasn’t Chikan but it was amazing and the thrill was so good. I fucked her thinking about some of my previous activities at concerts etc.

Anyway point is, you need to find other way of coping or satisfying your urges while this is going on.

Stay blessed

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