time to wait and see

i think i see what SHADOW means especially about that second wave part, as i had said before, social distancing has killed this thing. this new normal is also going to be a problem. if you can't even stand near someone at the mall, how will you be able to get the green light to be plastered onto a chick's ass, in a crowd where the virus spreads faster? doesn't make much sense. Guest also makes a good point about countries opening up, but they are also going into second lockdowns as well after doing so. look at south korea as one example. right now vaccinations are the only answer to the possibility of getting anywhere near crowds forming again because if a city opens up and a string of infections happens because of that, that city can easily get locked down again. we are already halfway through the year and there is still so much confusion, because of that, 2020 is done, non way around that and maybe just maybe things may look up next year after vaccinations.

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