Tough times for a chikan. But the truth is people are dying and that is terrible. Yes I disappointed I can't go out and do my nasty, but considering what a lot of folks are going thru chikanning is irrelevant. Our time may come or it may not, at least anytime soon. But I'll say this: I've had my share of this game, this pastime. And whatever happens now will be either okay or icing on the cake. I'll have to settle, for now, for the occasional grope. It's what I started out doing but it'll have to do for now. If, I'm sure it will happen, but not sure how far down the line it'll be, but when it does it'll be like starting over. I'm the meantime I'll read the stories, even if I have to rely on old stuff. But believe me: I'll be waiting for that break, that very day when the chance comes around. My guess is that these "players" are waiting just as us chikans are.

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