Re: guest

Let me tell you where you're right first: Yep, I only go out 3 or 4 times a year looking to bust a Nutt. Used to be waayy mor often but I'm fine with that. The problem is that it's usually this time of year that I attend my first outing. That won't happen now. It was first rescheduled for fall but now I received my refund. Another problem is just because I only look for that nutt at a minimum nowadays don't mean that I don't go out looking to grope during the warmer months, which started probably 8 weeks ago. Can't really get too close for that action now, although I did pickle it off 4 days ago. It was risky though. That type of action I usually do from April thru the late fall. Social distancing will curtail a lot of that. To see some of these sluts walking around with those smooth thighs exposed does drive me nutts. It's what I chose to do, but really have to be even more cautious of now. Maybe things will ease up so I can at least grope during these warm/hot months. I'd be good with that.

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