This damn virus has my head spinning.

To show you chikans how much I love this pastime, I'm gonna let you know how my mind works. I'm constantly now trying to figure out a way where we can beat this 6 feet-separation thing. If it's inhaling or touching a surface and putting it to your face that's the problem, then the key seems to be wearing a good mask and not touching the mouth or eyes. Face masks are really the biggest deal, followed by touching the mouth, nose and eyes. Technically that should not interfere with contact in a festival or club setting. So what needs to happen is a face mask that is efficient enough to stop the virus if someone coughs, sneezes, or breathes in your face. Next would be to educate folks to not touch their faces when out in public. That seems to be covering the main ways it enters the body, unless you can transmit it through sweat or semen, which they've not suggested yet. Right now I'm working with a supplier in China on a comfortable but more efficient face mask. This seems more like it will be around permanently, like the flu. Which means either you get a shot once a year (after they develop an immunization) or you take your chances. I'm trying to brainstorm, make money, and continue to Chikan these freaks out here!

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