The sun brings out the horny side of people

I was in the hood on a nice sunny Sunday and I saw one of those typical hood white chicks that love black dudes, I done something extremely out of character and went up to her and spat some game.. Well if I can call it that haha. I wont lie my game is kinda weak but the looks make up for it 😉

Anyways, we was walking and talking and we stopped at a bus stop because she wanted to show me some of her tattoos on her back.. This bitch really thought I gave a shit about her tattoos 😂 I told her let me see that a lil closer and Yanked her whole body so that her soft, fleshy arse cheeks was on my cock.
I ended up chikaning her for a good half hour..caressing her whole body, rubbing her titties, squeezing her booty, front to front, back to front.. The only thing i didn't do was actually fuck her 😂.
Everyone that walked past us couldn't believe what we was doing so blatantly and neither could I, I didn't think I'd be chikaning till 2021 and here I was with my dingaling in between some arse cheeks!

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