Board shiz

1. Narflarf it’s so irritating when shit like that happens. Like you can be plastered to them with an obvious boner, but if hands get added the whole hump usually ends in a dud. I think hands make it too real for the target. A prodding dick and hands are compartmentalized I guess. I’ve seen that in female stories that seems to be so. Regrettably I’ve experienced it as well with a big booty teen at homecoming. Another thing that does this to a grope is the human voice. Every time I’ve talked during a grope it becomes extremely fucking risky and even more of a turn on, sadly I tend to reserve myself a bit due to how low a chance the hump will be what I want it to be when either she or me talks. There are situations where it is necessary to talk or touch to get an ideal hump and it works, but doing either adds another level always. Whether that level is up or down. Being a perv sure does take a lot of thinking sheesh.

2. Stizzy and chikan adventures, tag team of the hottest stories rn. The photos context and result is magnificent. Drop some pics and vids in Video Clip Link and off topic atleast if no more stories cause you guys are on a roll wow

3. I wonder how Ayashi is doing? He is Asian right. Damn got me thinking of him and the Asian chikans that occasionally show up. They aren’t going to be able to hump for awhile. A lot of stigma and in their countries have some serious regulations.

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