To grope or not to grope.

I quit my groping activity a little over a year ago now. I was grabbing a lady friends ass while she was passed out drunk. She woke up and outed me to everyone I know. Being young all my friends were big 'me too' snowflakes. So literally every one of them disowned me, I lost a lot of good friends. After that I swore I'd quit and I did, but the urges sure haven't quit. I don't know what it is with us people but nothing else does it for me. I could have the hottest bitch trying to climb all over my dick but I swear she'd be hotter if she was an unwilling stranger. Sometimes wish I was just some average Joe who gets off to regular old consensual sex but I'm not. The thrill of touching an unwilling participant is just too great. Hands to body, dick to ass, it's the only thing that really turns me on. Of course with covid its not an option right now, but I'm thinking of getting back to it. I already lost all my friends so fuck it why not enjoy myself. What does everyone here think about the subject?

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