Spurting Seconds

Since things are slow I figure I'll tell a story of my last outing before quarantine. Went to a concert and had a few groped, nothing major due to it not being crowded enough for my liking. Once things got crowded enough I saw this Latina in heels and a party dress (overdressed for a simple shirt and jeans gig) which stuck out to me so I got behind her and tested the waters.

She was a player for sure, after noticing that she shook her ass and danced much more wildly when I was pressed up against her I knew she was game. Another sign is that she would only move away from me when her friend made her move somewhere else. Luckily her friend stayed in front of her most of the night so she couldn't see what I was up to.

As one of the lesser known cover bands finished up, the lights dimmed like they usually do. Even though it's only for a short time it's groping heaven, and a good time to cum. Resting my cock on her ass I felt the fabric of her dress which was a soft crushed velvet that felt heavenly. The tiny fibers brushing against my shaft in combination with the jiggle of her cheeks made it so it was long before I came.

The crowd became more dense as a dance circle opened in front of us, with people backing up to make room. Inside my joggers I continued to enjoy her ass, post-nut. I'm more about quality than quantity so one or two players for a majority of the night beats a bunch of random brief gripes any night for me.

Another cover artist done a laser light show started that the crowd got hyped for. I decided to try and go for another round with her. I whipped it out for a next go, and as she became an animal! Gyrating her hips feverishly, throwing her ass back in circles, surprised she didn't shove me on the floor and start giving me a lap dance right there!

No way she couldn't feel a bare dick poking and prodding her for this long now. But any dick fatigue I had disappeared and was feeling ready to bust another load. I pressed it against her back so I wouldn't miss a drop and unloaded a glob right in the middle of her back. Somehow I came more the second time than the first. Done, I just made a few attempts to get upskirts before I left.

One time my cam touched the back of her leg and she quickly brushed her leg with her hand and stepped forward to make space between us. Another time, my finger touched instead and she went to her friend, assuming to tell her about it. Found it interesting how quick she was to react to those 2 extremely brief touches but was perfectly content with a boner prodding her for almost 2 hours on and off. Really shows that girls aren't oblivious and she felt every bit of dick. Makes it hotter to me that way.

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