Milf old enough to be my mother

Ohhh boy oh boy oh boy!! It wasn't hard to miss this target. She was 50, white and big as fuck dancing in a 90% black crowd which had a much younger audience.. The fact that she came to this event on her own tells me she was on a mission to drain as many black balls as possible, she just didn't wanna act like a complete whore in front of her friends.. Similar to why us chikans attend these events on our own haha

Anyways, at this event there's always a single file line of people going through the already crush packed crowd which makes it so fucking easy to get a target.. Big T can vouch ;)
I just remember charging into her humongous arse cheeks like a Bull with my raging boner and not getting a single reaction.
She didn't even turn around to see what I looked like, Now that's what you call a lady that knows what she wants... Rock hard cock! Lol.
The single file crush line was at a stand still and she was squashing my dick whilst I held on to her wide fuckin hips with the side of my face was resting on her back haha (You know I was enjoying that shit).

The only problem I had was with other jealous bitches hating and trying to put me off by looking down at my pelvis and her booty.. I think they was shocked because of the age gap between us but trust me fellas, that didn't stop the inevitable huge explosion that was about to cum. SPURT SPURT SPURT!! That bitch had me weak at the knees forreal yoo

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