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I know it’s bad all over the world. This sucks as in my particular undisclosed vacation land, there used to be long lines for the bank and ATM. Now you have to social distance from each other. Like this is an updated photo, the blue jean girl looks so hot but If i was there I won’t get a chance to grope due to this social distancing. Hey Allrounder! How’s the corona virus measures in the country next door to my undisclosed location? Is it the same? How’s your Chikan activities?

Also allrounder, I heard a lot of Venezuelan woman migrated to my undisclosed location and your country and some other parts of the Carribean for food. They are so sexy! Do you have any stories to share of your experience with an Venezuelan woman?

All I heard about Venezuelan woman in my undisclosed vacation location is that some of them have been restrained to their hospital beds due to COVID19 measures and laws.

Everywhere it’s to stay home! Stay home!! I know it’s for safety precautions but jeez people need to chikan! I tried going on Tinder and it helps little but not the same feelings I get while on the hunt as a chikan. I like to do both.

Sweden people just living their lives but doing their own social distancing when it’s necessary.... this is how the world should have been. Sweden people are smart and their economy won’t be heavily impacted.

I read in the news how the Canada top doctor Theresa Tam has been accused of parroting the Chinese government and her patriotism has been questioned. More lifes would have been saved had she not go against the idea of closing the borders early. Now, after everyone bringed it to Canada, she is the one who wanted to close up all the businesses. People think it was Theresa Tam who advocated to bring all those Canadians back home from Wuhan China which is the city of where it all started. Justin Trudeau should have said for them to quarantine themselves in the Wuhan China. Because, there is no strict quarantine measures in Canada so who knows if those Canadians from Wuhan really did do the 14 day quarantine. Like you should have known better than to travel there or do a transfer program there in Asia! The Carribean is more safe and secure. Better food and environment than Asia. I never really liked Asian food. I like my own West Indies food.

I think it was Guestz who mentioned how he’s feeling the urges to grope when he sees a hot girl in shorts or spandex tights, same here dude! I just to admire them from a far like you know the usual turn your head slightly to check out the girls butt and rack when she walks by. Like I saw this hot blonde thicc white bank manager lady and she approached me asking me some dumb shit while I wait in the line, and I swear I immediately got turned on checking her out as I grew a hard on in my pants. Like if I saw her in an crowd, I would get me freaky on!

I don’t think the world can continue paying everyone so much benefits to stay home! 2-4K a month. Damn with all these benefit money, people can save and put down on a condo! I hope by July or August it will ease up and slowly, the last thing on a lady mind would be the the groin on her buttocks. Lol

I was asking relatives how SARS was like in 2002 and they said they didn’t have to social distance as much and there wasn’t fines.

I heard Trump is planning to reopen some economies despite protest from state governors. People can’t wait till everything returns normal as I see peace officers getting assaulted when issuing fines and more the Asian Americans are being targeted during this pandemic. Everyone still thinks the Asians are carrying the virus and the virus is in their restaurants! I heard it was the Asians who made the economy to rise like high real estate prices and is the reason why the economy is dropping. Just what I heard...

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