I'm not the only frotter


People know what's going on. For one thing, I'm not the only guy doing it.There are certain train cars that are always packed where you see the same people. The women could easily avoid groping men by using the next door of the same car, yet day after day they use the same crowded door of the same carevery day. To see the same person more than once is very rare, but see the same women, and the same chikans, and the same cops. Several times cops stare at my face and know what's going on. They dont bust me because the women-both unknown and known- move to me. With this strategy many days go by without any action. But because I've been at it for so long, I have a lot of regular girls. We dont talk. I tried once and that was the end of it. One of my favorites is s young woman who was a college student when we first started. That was over 10 years ago. Now she wears a suit. She gives me a big smile when I run into her and signals with her hand to come near. I oblige and she does what she wants. One day a man was following me and kept staring at me. At the next station she comes in,see me in a not so crowded train, and rears her ass straight into my crotch. She's started it but I'm doing most of the humping and its obvious. The guy keeps looking at me and pulls out a chain from his shirt with a badge. Keeps touching it so if to warn me. But he cant bust me. The girl came to me, is clearly enjoying this, and not moving away from me in a fairly empty car. When your deeply engaged in jumping you lose shame and dont care who's watching. I miss the regulars. In my mind I've given each of them a name. Even though I dont really know any of them, I hope they are ok.

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