Hey guys

It's been a while. Last time I went out to a concert was a little over a month ago (probably the longest amount of time in the 4 years I've been doing this) and it feels so odd. First 2 weeks I was going crazy looking for anything to attend, now I'm home for nearly 2 weeks from work quarantined and my urges aren't as strong.

I have an excellent clip of me getting 2 nuts off on a spicy Latina from the last show I attended, but I don't have enough footage to fill out the video more. One of the 2 big festivals I was supposed to go to got postponed till September. Best case scenario I get to go to both in September and this pandemic is substantially lowered by then.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a wake up call for us to stop. This pandemic surged right before summer, a popular time for festivals and concerts. I know I said that I quit at least twice now, but all of the free time really has me contemplating just how much time and money I sink into this "hobby".

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