Been trying to quit


The cops know me,and i know them. That's why I only position myself near a girl.I never touch first. If she wants it she has to make the move on me. I've never been into forcing anyone. This and white privilege keeps me free. I've quit many times, but it won't quit me. Ayashi described it best that it's like an addiction. Thank God i'm living with my gf who is so hot, I fuck her a few times a day all over the apt. And she cooks for me, which makes her sexy as hell . Life is changed forever. You'll see what i mean in a year. I'm going to miss my regulars on the trains. In a weird way, they were part of my life. Some like feeling my bulge and others like me humping them. I've had them for years, some for a decade now. Some of them might not commute anymore because of job loss or even loss of life. Stay home everyone and stay alive.

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