@max mound

Bro you playing the public transit game... These undercovers know your face already trust me even if you never been arrested or never had an encounter with a cop

if your that paranoid its time for you to quit and evolve im battling that decision myself with priors and an open case that i know im going to beat if i lose im a registered sex offender for a 30sec grind smh..

i lost my first case at trial by judge.. one..

because the girl showed up!!..

but she testify that i wasnt grinding on her and she said she didn't feel violated but "she felt i had an erection" and she wouldn't have reported to police if it wasn't for a undercover stopping her..

And two because i had a got damn free lawyer and thats the worst decision i made because i didn't take it serious i had the money to pay for a private lawyer but i was too cocky now i have to carry this shit around with me for the rest of my life but its part of the game

i got screwed because i knew the undercovers was watching me and following me everytime i was out there i knew there face but i thought i was too smart because i can spot them a mile away

But like i said get off public transit... stick with concerts and bars i don't even trust parades

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