I like this about her (WARNING: she may be 25 years old)

Her ass first and foremost. Fuck you think this post about lol. Her ass in the pic I’mma see if I can snap a better photo of what she looks like rn abit later.

Anyway my "cousin" I previously molested has an actual cousin who is quite attractive and a freer spirit. It’s a long story with my "cousin" I’ve told before, but let’s talk about her cousin we’ll call Genie. Quarantining has been depressing for my chikan dreams, I abstain from groping my "cousin" anymore since 3 years ago. The guilt is rising, but I still have these urges and damn do they create fucking stars when everything comes together and I am humping an ass.

The stars conjoined today and my dick is soaring, The pic tells it all. She’s a thicc light skin who wears primarily leggings or similar material.. She typically lacks underwear or instead chooses to wear thongs that accentuate her ass. What this doesn’t show is her trademark cleavage display, ooooo those titties are nice. She’s not skinny but she has played softball so the weight has a ratio that you seen the welcome in. Now onto the story.

Genie decided she was tired of her place, due to familia drama caused by ALWAYS being together now that no body can do anything, she decided to come to our house and de stress by cleaning up our house. She’s wearing darkish leggings and a tank top her tits are bursting out of like crazy! Her shirt isn’t low enough either so since she’s cleaning when she bends over or squats AGHH! Her crack is soooo deep and her ass pops out likes crazy! I wish I had a picture of when she squats! Her tits are bouncing and jiggling as she folds clothes and sweeps the floor! She is wearing a sports bra waaayy too small so I pray they burst out and they almost do a couple of times.

I’m becoming frantic watching this. My mom and "cousin" are in the room so I can’t just let them see me checking out Genie’s fuckable form. I restrain myself with online schooling and this other girl on my phone with a tough ass shape, but I know I’m not fucking. Sad. Anyway she notices that I’m distracted by my phone and starts playfully acting as my teacher " Give me your phone! Do your work!" I obviously am like no the fuck. So a small scuffle goes on, she is not shy with her body and I get to fill her bubbly tits slightly. My mom leaves calling me a moron for fighting Genie lol and my " cousin" is being a nosy ass bitch and starts actually chastising me. She’s irritated because she has a quiz coming up she is about to fail. I’m agitated but I’ve felt tits so eh. Genie pulls a sneak attack and snatches my phone pulls a basket next to me and says she’s not leaving or giving my phone back until I finish my work. Damn. I’m not gonna be able to focus with her sitting next to me with those tits out. I fake finish me work eyeing up her tits and I catch her looking at me a smidge longingly. She talks in this baby voice around me and acts like I am the funniest person she knows, but this look kind of made me retract before I boldly looked at her tits. We decide to study together which boiled down to her roasting my teacher while her left tit kept coming even further out while I looked at it and she caught me. I’m hard af and tbh my dick is long when hard, not necessarily big to most woman, but impressive to the small sample I’ve shown on Snapchat. She gets up mid video and I take the brief window to spread my legs and rearrange my dick in a way she can clearly see in my draws what her slutty manner has caused. She not only sees it, but bends down around it for no reason pick up crumbs before standing up and putting one of my bow ties around her cleavage on her neck. I twitch my dick while calling her a playboy bunny quietly while she smiles. She sits back down with the bow tie still on calling more attention to her tits coming out and her sex appeal. She fixed her bursting tits at the end of the video and here’s where my chikan fun begins.

She keeps my phone and keeps the playboy teacher bunny act going ordering me to follow her around while she cleans the kitchen. My "cousin" is stressed out so she secludes herself in my room with her quiz. I’m following her like a lackey looking for a window to plant my erection on her. I only have underwear and a white shirt so I’ll savor this. I create one when she asks for help in her childish voice to put hot sauce away. I give her a vague idea of what to move where, but move over to her cleaning station and basically start entering her space gradually. She doesn’t take her space seriously. Never has that’s why I’ve felt her up a literal handful of times. She is on her tippy toes and can’t reach something so I feign over to her and am off a couple of steps. My dick is aimed at her right cheek but not just there yet. So I do something completely brazen I do a slight bump while blocking her from repositioning leaving only that beautiful landmark right butt cheek hump. MMMMMMM her cheeks are big but firm, not as good as my " cousins" but her reserved sluttiness makes it all worth it. I keep it brief because that was already pretty bold, but it was bold enough for her ass to push me back a little. Love when the ass is so plump that any hump you give gets equal force back. She stayed there, I assume a little shocked by my audacity, but her tits started coming out again and she played as if I didn’t just do what I did. She starts doing whatever the fuck while I daydream about what I’d do to that ass in a crowd away from my family, halfway doing dishes. She looks my way after a short while and mocks me for not properly cleaning the dishes. I’m like you want spitshine come do it yourself playboi bunnie lmao. She comes with energy and pushes me over with her hips I resist and start snatching my dishes back as she grabs them and as she always does, she starts defending with her ASS! I’m ALL over that. I press right into her crack and dig, she is wrestle so it alternates between sucking me in to spreading so wide you could feel there were no panties to fight me! I was overloaded and a little anxious cause my " cousin" is a wall away from this. I previously as stated groped her and I don’t know how she’d react if she knew I was humping her little cousin over some dirty dishes. I retract my crotch and attempt to verbalize a early surrender, but I SWEAR HER ASS ACTS AS A HOMING MISSILE AND PLANTS ON MY DICK. That creates and impact and for a few more seconds I’m plastered on her MOBILE ass! Fuck give me 3 minutes with this and I’d bust! Wouldn’t even feel bad. Anyway She finally pulls her ass in and I fake finish up dishes while she cleans off a few dishes thoroughly, but not as thoroughly as she allowed me to dick swipe her ass and bulge flash her earlier. I swear these hoes be faking for a grope left and right. I briefly backhand smacked her ass and lightly pressed my dick on her butt, and she says the most confusing and hottest thing with her playboi teacher tone

" Stop touching my butt you pervert. I’ll tell your mom." That snapped me back to reality cause I had no reply set in place, but I basically said then move over and I wouldn’t be touching you. I crashed back into reality after that so I can’t remember what she said when I said that and was only concerned with changing the topic before someone that mattered. I on impulse brought up bob the builder for no fucking reason and started singing that shit. I was so present and in chikan mode that my social skills flatline. BUT THAT SHIT WORKED and she started singing the theme song pausing only for me to singalong. My brainpower was still in my dick so I simply said I forgot the theme song and pivoted into a conversation about childhood cartoons.

I was cloudy the rest of the day partially because I was in grope mode, but knew better at that point. I feel the realest in my chikan experiences. Those are when the emotions crash and the interactions feel visceral and real. Physicality does this to me as well, but something about the covert compulsion to take what isn’t to be had in your surface life is sooooo addicting. Sometimes the hunt for an ass feels better than the gropes. Never came on a girl while groping so can’t speak on that high, but the high I get from knowing something about my target and doing my due diligence to be positioned for chikan. Not much compares. But the story ended a paragraph ago. Hope that experience got as much precum as it elicited from me. She’s fun af to feel up. Tell me a tale of a girl whose called you out for feeling them out after displaying contradicting behavior. Bonus points if you kept going and got something even better with her or another.

Stay inside my perverts- Buster

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