I like this about her

Her ass first and foremost. Fuck you think this post about lol. Her ass in the pic for my imaginative chikan.

Anyway my "cousin" I previously molested has an actual cousin who is quite attractive and a freer spirit. It’s a long story with my "cousin" I’ve told before, but let’s talk about her cousin we’ll call Genie. Quarantining has been depressing for my chikan dreams, I abstain from groping my "cousin" anymore since 3 years ago. The guilt is rising, but I still have these urges and damn do they create fucking stars when everything comes together and I am humping an ass.

The stars conjoined today and my dick is soaring, The pic tells it all. She’s a thicc light skin who wears primarily leggings or similar material.. She typically lacks underwear or instead chooses to wear thongs that accentuate her ass. What this doesn’t show is her trademark cleavage display, ooooo those titties are nice. She’s not skinny but she has played softball so the weight has a ratio that you seen the welcome in. Now onto the story.

Genie decided she was tired of her place, due to familia drama caused by ALWAYS being together now that no body can do anything, she decided to come to our house and de stress by cleaning up our house. She’s bending over and squatting in these black jogging pants

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