BigT -Nipsey Hussle

i was not there but i used to live in LA for years. the chikans out there must have had a field day because those barriers were packed for hours upon hours. on top of that, the sistas that were out there would have been too preoccupied with stargazing to bother about what you would have been doing and those that realized would not even care. while living out there, i got mine plenty of times in settings like in the hood. same would have applied to any crowd gatherings for the passing of kobe bryant. might have been a little less hood in certain areas but the hood sistas would have come out anyway, with the same reaction. like any target, if you started to lose control like using too much hand contact or pulling ya dick out etc, you might face a few roadblocks, as with any target, but outside of all that no problem for the most part.

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