Cute Girl from HS on Tinder

Hey guys!

While we all can’t wait to find the vaccine, let’s just take it a day at a time.

I was bored at home and I decided to hop on Tinder. I saw on the Top Ten profiles for the day, a girl from high school. Guess who? Fat Ass Y girl. Knowing I am a sucker for that ass, I still swiped right lol

God I remember the good ole days in high school, she was the cousin of my friend. All the guys would drool over that ass. I didn’t really know her but back in grade 9 she had a crush on me, unfortunately I didn’t recuperate the feelings as I wasn’t an ass man that time. Gosh darn it! People would comment why she so tall as she was taller than us boys in grade 9. We only started acknowledging her fat booty in grade 10 and mostly in grade 11 and 12.

I remember how I used to corner that ass in the snack line, line up behind her and go to work in the crowd. While others were going for a snack food, I got my snack with her butt. She was a mixed Asian and mixed white. She does mixed martial arts in her spare time so she had a nice juicy firm butt. I was giving her a dick down every time I got on her ass in the snack line. I got her so good one time in February where I was honoured as the man of the month of this board. I always loved humping her ass and fingering her friend ass.

Palming Y ass was also pleasuring. I remember I put my hand on one of her cheeks and cupped it during this fire drill crowd. Her friend(who had a major crush on me) asked her did he touch you? Y responded with yes. And they laughed it off.

I cut off her head but as a treat to my fellow chikans, here’s a picture of her. She’s slim thick. Look at that waist and big booty. I got it from her Tinder profile. Baby got juicy ass! So pleasuring and thick. She always wore tight pants like this in class and always drives me wild.

Me and my Tibeatan friend usually talked about how nice her booty is and how we wanted to date her and having sex with her. Like a one night stand. Her butt used to take over the whole school chair and my Tibeatan friend always pointed it out.

Whenever she didn’t come to class, we used to joke and say I guess I did her so good that she couldn’t make it today! Lol

She always was quiet and seemed kind depressed at school. She allowed me to get away with my dirty deeds by touching and humping her butt steadily without saying a word.

Before you guys, say oh you should have been careful humpin her in the snack line. The place was crowded. The Vice Principal was trying to keep the crowd in order but couldn’t. I don’t think there was security cameras. Plus, you could quickly take out your pecker when students turn off the lights for fun, and hump a girl.

Eventually, I think my theory was a girl reported guys touching them and that’s why snack lines got cancelled later on in high school. But with no cameras and a crowds everywhere, they couldn’t do anything else. All I heard around the school was others thought the snack lines got canceled was because of pests.

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