How many of you chikans have gotten ahold of what you deem as a target you never would have imagined tagging, but to your surprise you got a player to boot?
I remember several years ago at one of my festivals stumbling on what I considered a "red neck" girl. At first she seemed like an unapproachable target. She was talking a bunch of crap about how "she hated being cramped in tight places" with "certain types of people", meaning minorities I' assumed, because at that moment there were a few blacks, including myself, in her vicinity. That was in the daylight. But as the evening got dark, and she drifted away and then ended back within striking distance, she must have decided to take a chance. See, girl was wearing daisy-dukes: that is one way to get my attention in more than one way! I noticed she was separated from the guys and gals she had been with earlier, and on a hunch I thought this might be what we both wanted! Haha, it worked! I got close enough to touch her and to my surprise she looked around and smiled.
I EFFIN' rode her like a damn horse- for over an hour, in the cover of dark! Nutted like a damn donkey all over her ass and rubbed what was left on her bare upper right thigh! I'm sure you guys have similar stories whether black or white. Please share.

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